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A Big Change in Real Estate

Monday, September 21st, 2015

You Can Always Count on Change

There are so many examples of how things have changed. If you were born in the 50’s you have seen so

many changes. If you are part of the Greatest Generation…WOW have you seen changes. Things that the

Millennials take for granted, Baby Boomers struggle to grasp. How many upgrades to my computer or

cell phone can I ignore before my system is totally obsolete or the computer gurus will refuse to work

on? The home I grew up in had two bedrooms and one bath, a small formal living and dining room and a

small eat in kitchen. There is no such thing as a typical home today. Anything from 2 bedrooms and one

bath; three bedrooms with 2 ½ baths; five bedrooms with 4 ½ baths. A great room or den, a media

room, a FROG (finished room over the garage which can be just an open space finished nicely with

carpet, or it can also have a large closet and a full bath of its own.) You can own the large yard that

surrounds your home, own no land because your property is defined as a condominium, townhome or

patio home. A carport, detached or attached garage which can be one, two, three or even four bays.

As you start to work with your REALTOR® and you want them to have a good understanding of what you

want in a home, defining it might not be as easy as you think. But work together and get started looking.

The best way to define what you want is to let your REALTOR® know what you don’t want. Things seem

to work out when we understand the picture you have in your mind of that perfect place to call home.

One big change that is occurring has nothing to do with style of home, how long it takes to find it, or

what the preferred color pallet is. It has to do with getting your financing lined up and the transactions

successfully closed and recorded. If you have bought a home before and you think you understand the

steps to this part of buying your home… Think again. As of August 1 ( this date may change in order to

allow lenders and lawyers to update the required software) of this year things are changing. If you are

familiar with the term HUD-1, it will now be called the Closing Disclosure Form. This form will contain

the final disclosure that was given to the borrower along with the HUD-1. The final rule has two options

pertaining to who prepares this form. The lender can prepare the form, or the lender and the settlement

agent can prepare it together. There will also be a 3 day rule…A WHAT? This new rule says that the

closing disclosure must be given to the borrower 3 days before closing. There might also be a 3 day

delay if certain changes have to be made, sending the documents back to the underwriter. Those

changes fall into the following categories;

  • Changes to the APR (annual percentage rate) above 1/8 of a percent of the loan;
  • Changing the loan product;
  • Adding of a prepayment penalty to the loan.


Why all these changes? The reasons were established in the Truth and Lending Act and the Real Estate

Settlement Procedures Act; To improve consumer understanding of risk factors, overall costs and

monthly payments; To help the consumer realize that they should compare the different loan products

that are available to them and to avoid costly surprises at the closing table. These new rules apply to

most mortgages EXCEPT Home Equity lines of credit, Reverse Mortgages and Mortgages secured by a

mobile home.


As the consumer, you would be well advised to start the conversation early on with your real estate

team. Your REALTOR® will be educated on these changes as will the lender and the closing attorney.

The lender and the closing attorney are on the front lines of these changes. My personal advice to you if you

are purchasing a home after August 1st is to stay calm if faced with a delays. It is no one’s fault. We are

all facing a learning curve and we are doing our best to understand any impact these new rules will have

on our clients. Your REALTOR®, Lender and Attorney are working hard to best represent your needs.

Buying and selling real property, especially your primary residence, can be an emotional roller coaster

ride at times. Make sure that you are comfortable with the members of your team. Ask questions. And

remember that delays are normal. Prepare for plan B, if a short delay should occur. Your team members

can help you understand the delay and then help you to manage the situation.

By: Patrice Willetts


Wilmington Cost Of Living

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Cost of Living Wilmington Wrightsville beach Real Estate

3rd Quarter 2010 Cost of Living
Select Southern Cities:

CITY Composite Grocery Housing Utilities Transportation Healthcare Misc. Goods & Services
Wilmington, NC 98.5 103.2 89.3 114.1 96.9 100.1 100.4
Asheville, NC 99.4 101.7 95.4 113.9 95.7 104.6 98.3
Atlanta, GA 93.6 93.4 89.8 85.6 102.0 105.3 95.0
Charlotte, NC 94.1 100.1 81.2 94.8 94.6 110.6 100.9
Charleston, SC 99.8 107.0 96.1 98.2 93.1 103.4 102.8
Raleigh, NC 97.0 102.6 87.9 110.0 95.3 97.6 99.5
Norfolk, VA 110.1 111.6 118.0 109.6 104.2 107.9 105.1
Washington, DC 141.3 107.9 232.0 98.5 105.7 103.1 104.1

The ACCRA Cost of Living Index (see table above) measures the differences in the cost of consumer goods and services between cities, excluding taxes, for a middle-class standard of living. Approximately 300 urban areas in the United States participated in the most recent study. The results are based on the cost of more than 60 items that are priced by area chambers of commerce, economic development groups or similar organizations in each urban area during the same 3-day time frame. Each community is given a composite index in which the average score is 100 (if index numbers are above 100, they are more expensive than the average), derived from six categories. The index does not measure inflation. Instead, it serves as a snapshot of comparative costs between cities during a certain time period. Wilmington’s latest study scores, compared to other southern cities, are shown in the table above.

Salary vs. Cost of Living: What to consider when evaluating a move
Some people won’t consider a move to a smaller city like Wilmington, where salaries may be lower, because they don’t want to lose purchasing power. But oftentimes the opposite is true.
Alternatively, some people are lured to another city for a bigger salary, only to find out that their disposable income—and consequently their quality of life—actually goes down, not up.
Why? Because the cost of living has to be measured versus the difference in salary. Companies in larger cities may offer larger salaries, but they also typically come with a higher cost of living.
If you are considering a move, use the cost of living calculator below to compare the cost of living between Wilmington and another city.
Data compiled and published by The Wilmington Chamber of Commerce

Local Residential Market Off to Promising Start in 2011

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Beach camping2011 is going to be an exciting year for our local real estate market. During the fourth quarter of 2010, our residential market showed significant signs of improvement over year-end 2009. This is an extraordinary sign that the market is stabilizing which will offer many potential homeowners and REALTORS® reason to continue being optimistic heading into the rest of this year.

While analyzing the growth within these six major zip codes in our region – 28403, 28405, 28409, 28411, 28412 and 28451, an average of the zip codes shows:

• Our average sales price had an increase of 3.2% from year-
end 2009.
   • Of the 2,587 sellers in 2010, 28.4% paid some sort of concession toward the purchase of the house.
• Our list to sales price ratio for 2010 was 94.65%, a slight decrease from 95.12% for year-end 2009.
• The average list price of the sold properties was $260,379, up 3.7% from year-end 2009.
   • The average number of days a property remained on the market for 2010 was 123 days, compared to 132 days for year-end 2009.
• The median sold price of $195,000 for 2010 was an increase of 2.7% from year-end 2009.