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Maximum Exposure Marketing:

Putting to work the marketing force of The Property Shop you’ll get high exposure and top visibility in a highly competitive real estate market.

The technology marketing plan includes:

  • Digital Photography with featured photo galleries across the web
  • Prime visibility on high traffic sites such as Realtor.com, Trulia.com, Zillow.com and 100’s of others
  • MLS Exposure and data feeds across 7,000+ websites
  • Auto Feedback to buyers using text messaging technology
  • Exposure to social networks across the web including Facebook, Instagram  and more!

Ultimately, marketing a home is a partnership between the agent and the homeowner.  Being in touch frequently regarding feedback from showings and changes in the market is critically important throughout the process.  Staying on top of the details in a very fluid marketing environment is paramount for a successful sale.

Working With Real Estate Agents

Learn more about The Property Shop Advantage and our customized marketing approach.

How to Market Your Home:

  • Be competitive—give buyers every reason to choose your home over the others. Here is a short list of preparation items you may want to consider to stand above the rest.
  • Pre-Listing Home Inspection
  • De-Personalize, De-Clutter, Organize and Clean
  • Gather warranties
  • Add Curb Appeal

Contact The Property Shop and we’ll give you an up-to-the-minute Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) for your home—this will provide an analysis of general market conditions, a value range for listing your property and a detailed look at the current competition.  A Seller Net Sheet will be produced by one of our Experienced Brokers to give you a snapshot of proposed proceeds from a sale.


Develop a strong & strategic plan to sell based on your financial goals and timeline. Understand your personal limitations, your home’s good points and not so good points—above all, be realistic and consider the current competitive landscape. Pricing is a key factor. With the right plan and full consideration of all the variables at play, you’ll get positive results sooner than you think.


Deploy a strong marketing message with digital photography and HD video across all internet channels. As a Technology Marketing Firm, The Property Shop leverages MLS data feeds across 7,000+ websites, visibility by 1,000’s across social networks and video views across a number of video portals. High visibility, high exposure in a competitive landscape pushes your home out in front of the rest.


After all the preparation, planning and marketing , the most critical and often most challenging step in the process is to negotiate the best terms and price with a prospective buyer. Negotiation is a skill—negotiating a great deal on your behalf is an art.  Our Broker Team has significant higher education through the  National Association of Realtor programs.   You will have the highest level of confidence that you are being represented in today’s changing market.


The old saying goes—”…it isn’t SOLD until you get to the closing table”! Once a deal has been reached, attention to detail, asking questions and frequent follow-up with all parties is critical. Keeping all closings activities on schedule, resolving any unforeseen issues and constant communication is key to a successful “close”.


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