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Selling My House & Hurricanes

Selling in Hurricane Wilmington NC Property Shop Real Estate
Thursday, October 1st, 2015

Weathering a Hurricane When Your House is for Sale:  Top 5 Things to Know Selling in Hurricane

Selling in Hurricane

Selling a home can be stressful, selling in hurricane weather can push someone over the edge!

As the impending Hurricane Joaquin begins to bare down on the east coast, we at The Property Shop are preparing for high winds and heavy rain by utilizing our resources at the American Red Cross from the link below.


While we urge all of our home owners to follow the protocol set out by the American Red Cross, we still always have Real Estate on our minds and have a few additional tips for all of our home sellers!

  1. The FOR SALE sign in your front yard:

Although selling your home may be a high priority, you are not likely to find a buyer in the eye of a hurricane, so be certain to secure all outdoor FOR SALE signs!  Unsecured, the sign can cause unexpected damage to your home or your neighbor’s home.  While you are bringing in your signs, also bring in any garbage cans or exterior items of any kind that could break free during the storm.

  1. Confirm your insurance policy:

Before the storm, be certain to know the exact details of your insurance policy and have your property and possessions well documented.  With proper documentation, if a claim needs to be made, insurance adjusters will be able to provide assistance faster, meaning that your home will be ready for showings faster!

What if I close the day before the hurricane hits?  Insurance is required on the property until the time of the recording, so be certain that your Home Owners Insurance Policy is effective long enough to cover the recording, which a storm may delay.

  1. Out of Town Sellers:

Not all sellers are currently living in the home they are selling.  Designate someone, probably your REALTOR, to walk through the property before the storm to secure and document any issues.  For comprehensive property security during the storm you may need to hire a service to ensure your home is protected as possible during the storm.  Your REALTOR should have the information you may need.  After the storm has passed, have the same designee walk through the property again to let you know of any new issues.

  1.  Coolers, water, ice and more ice:

Few smells are worse than that of rotten food.  Prepare to have power out for multiple days which means that any food you have will begin to rot if not properly taken care of.  Be sure to have enough coolers and ice for your entire food supply, so that when the storm is over your home is ready for showings. You don’t want a potential buyer to turn and run from the stench of your home!

For our owners living on properties will well and septic service, be sure to fill bathtubs with water.  When the power goes out for days at a time you will then have water to flush toilets and rinse off.

  1. Buyers of your home have secured insurance:

If your home is under contract, verify that the buyer of your home has locked in an insurance policy.  If the insurance has not been locked in, the impending hurricane can cause the closing to be delayed, consequently, causing delays with your own move.


While hurricanes can be a source of stress and additional concern, preparedness is the best cure.  Our thoughts and best wishes will be with all as Hurricane Joaquin approaches.