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Patrice Willetts on Wilmington Spring Time

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Monday, September 21st, 2015


All That is Good!


Spring is almost here. Let me repeat that…SPRING is almost here!! It has been a cold winter here in

Southeastern North Carolina. For those that live in the Northeast, I just cannot begin to imagine living

through so many cold and snowy months. The last I heard, one area received over 100 inches of snow.




As REALTORS® we try to help homeowners who are considering selling their current property what the

environment is for their type of property. One of the most important aspects of our representation of a

seller is to make sure they have a very good understanding of the market and how much interest there

might be in their particular property. Local statistics are very important. Making sure that the

information we use to compare properties is current, relative and is the best comparable out there.

Property condition and price play a very big role in marketability. You cannot just say this is a four

bedroom home with two full baths. You need to walk through the property, consider the condition and

any maintenance issues that might have been overlooked. Or, how well the home has been taken care

of and updated.


I am sure that there are many people who live in the Northeast that are seriously considering next

winter and if they want to still be living where they are now. Ask any REALTOR® right now, and they will

honestly tell you that this time of year is when people who are considering a move, are making

connections, visiting new areas and figuring out how and when to make their move. They have so much

to consider. Jobs, schools, weather (NO SNOW!)


In this part of the state, we have so much to offer. Would you like an oceanfront condo with an indoor

pool? We have that. If your interest is in living in a golf and/or tennis community, we have that also. Do

you love Historical locations? There is so much to offer in Historic Downtown Wilmington. Would you

enjoy a few acres not too far from town, we can do that also. Walkability, parks, recreation

opportunities, University of NC Wilmington and Cape Fear Community College, beaches, theatre, the list

goes on and on.


This time of year is also when people who just need a little vacation are in town. They come for the

Azalea Festival, our early spring, a time to visit family and friends and enjoy some sunshine. Many times,

this is the first time that a move to Wilmington might cross their minds.

I moved here in the early 1980’s. I have seen this area blossom into a very desirable destination. When

those that might be thinking of the Wilmington area in terms of a move call me, I love to show them all

the beautiful parts of town and the things that helped me decide to move here.


So again, Spring is almost here. Get out and ENJOY everything that is good about where we live.


By: Patrice Willetts