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“It’s All About that Base”

One Size Fits all Real Estate Wilmington NC
Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015


I love music, all kinds of music. Megan Trainor’s Grammy Award winning song for Record of The Year is

one of those songs that just catch your attention, makes you smile. “It’s all about that bass, ‘bout that

bass, no treble….” And if you watch her, and really listen to the lyrics, it can take you to another level.

That is what I so enjoy about music. Simply put, there is no One Size Fits All. It depends on my mood,

inspirational level, if I am melancholy or if I am just happy to be alive! Music can get me there.


So what does my opening comment have to do with real estate you might be asking right now? Bottom

line, there is no one size fits all. Housing options are so varied. Purchase a Condo, Townhouse or patio

home with a required homeowner’s association fee and leave the yard and exterior maintenance to

others. Rent right now because you are still in school, working part time, not sure you will still be in this

area in 1 or 2 years. Purchase that dream home you have worked so hard for because “now is the time.”


There is no transaction that I have ever been involved with that was the same as another transaction. As

REALTORS® we must be flexible and understand that there are many layers to a transaction. Sometimes,

lots of Treble! Everyone’s needs are different. Does the buyer have cash to put down? Are we looking at

financing through USDA? (which is limited to certain locations) In real estate, it is not just about that

base….we have treble, we have crescendos, we have flats and sharps. We have it all. To put it in YOUR

musical terms… Love classical, we have it; Hard Rock, got that too. Into the oldies, Show tunes, Gospel,

we have it all.


The choices that pertain to real estate types are wide open and varied. Locations and what that means

to your decision is important. Very important. So are the types of loans that you can apply for. I have

said it often in articles that I write and in presentations that I make, loan products are so varied that

they can make or break your successful transaction. Before you get your heart set on a particular home,

establish a working relationship with your lender. Make sure that the loan you are applying for is the

best fit. Remember….one size fits all does not apply when you are considering a mortgage loan.


I will also offer that one size fits all does not apply when you are choosing a REALTOR® to hire. Yes, I said

hire. As REALTORS® we are hired by our clients to represent them in one of the largest and most

important investments (or sales) they will make. Make sure that the agent you choose is not a one size

fits all agent. (Happily, I can say I do not know too many) Your agent should be flexible and play the song

YOU need to play, in ways that YOU want it played. Follow their guidance, listen to their experience and

knowledge of the market. But at the end of the day, you are maestro, the one who sets the tone for the

direction your needs require. All of the musical terms apply during this transaction. There will be highs,

there will be lows. There will be the melody and there will be the chorus. There will be times that it is all

base, and times treble will contribute.


As you can tell by now, I love music. I think there is always a song or melody playing in my head. I

sincerely hope that you enjoyed my simple analogy between music and real estate. It should be

enjoyable. It should bring value and contentment to your life. Play the music that moves you. And in the

transactions of real estate, think of it this way….there is an orchestra ready to play your song. It is made

up of all different people who have different levels of participation. This is your band, your choir, your

symphony…..your TEAM. As you bring them all together and create your melody, the very best outcome

that you can plan for is the melody that you composed, you envisioned, you hear over and over in your



IMG_7201By:  Patrice Willetts