Your Questions Answered: Our Best Tips for Working With Agents and Lenders
Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

Save the headache and find your perfect home buying collaborator. You’ve been boosting your credit score, saving up for a down payment, and creating your dream home wish list for months. You’re basically ready to move into your perfect new home, right? Not really. The buying process can be complicated, and even if you’ve seen … Continue Reading

Staging Your Home: How to Make Buyers Fall in Love
Monday, January 27th, 2020

By: HouseLogic With these tips and tricks, your house will be swoon-worthy in no time. All the world’s a stage, said the Bard. That includes your house. Which is for sale. And thus needs to look bee-yoo-tee-ful. Staging entails hiring experts with a flair for interior design. They re-imagine your living space and give your house … Continue Reading

Holiday Lights Safety Checklist for Worry-Free Decorating
Wednesday, December 11th, 2019

By: Pat Curry Don’t keep them up too long! Lights, inside and out, are a beautiful part of the holiday season. But before you deck the halls, run through this holiday lights safety checklist to keep your holidays merry and bright. #1 Inspect Light Strings Discard any that are damaged. Frayed or cracked electrical cords … Continue Reading

How to Clean Up After Thanksgiving in Half the Time
Tuesday, November 12th, 2019

By: Lisa Kaplan Gordon The Pilgrims were on to something when they planned a Thanksgiving potluck; here are other good ideas that’ll simplify your T-Day kitchen cleanup. Want something to be thankful for? Check out these tips that’ll make your Thanksgiving kitchen cleanup faster and easier — and will give you more time to enjoy family and friends. … Continue Reading

4 Simple Tasks to Do in Fall for an Awesome Lawn in Spring
Wednesday, October 16th, 2019

By: Lisa Kaplan Gordon Fall is the most crucial time for your lawn. Although spring lawn care gets all the attention, fall lawn care is the make-it or break-it season for grass. “I’m already thinking about next year,” says John Dillon, who takes care of New York City’s Central Park, which features 200 acres of … Continue Reading

10 Tricks for Hosting an Open House That Make Buyers Say “OMG, Wow!”
Wednesday, September 11th, 2019

By: HouseLogic Here’s what you can do to get your home ready for its big reveal. Few words get home buyers more excited than these two: open house. An open house is their opportunity to give your house a whirl. To wiggle the light switches. To admire the crown molding. To, y’know, awkwardly ask to use … Continue Reading

Your Questions Answered: Our Best Tips for Working With Agents and Lenders
Wednesday, July 10th, 2019

By: HouseLogic Save the headache and find your perfect home buying collaborator. You’ve been boosting your credit score, saving up for a down payment, and creating your dream home wish list for months. You’re basically ready to move into your perfect new home, right? Not really. The buying process can be complicated, and even if … Continue Reading

8 Tips for Adding Curb Appeal and Value to Your Home
Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

By: Pat Curry A good washing, and a bit of color are two low-cost ways. Homes with high curb appeal command higher prices and take less time to sell. But which projects pump up curb appeal most? Here are financially smart ways to boost your home’s equity. #1 Wash Your House’s Face Before you scrape any paint or … Continue Reading

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A Must-Read Guide On How To Sell Your House
Tuesday, May 14th, 2019

By: Leanne Potts Selling your house can feel overwhelming in multiple ways. You’re pulling up roots and leaving all that’s familiar — and making a huge financial decision at the same time. Knowing how to sell your home takes some studying up. The more you know, the easier the big decisions will be. Information is power, … Continue Reading

The Ins and Outs of Setting a Price for Your Home
Friday, April 26th, 2019

By: HouseLogic Everything has value. Especially your home. And when it comes to selling your home, assigning a price to that value is complicated. You made memories there. You’ve got a major financial interest in the place, too. Buyers think of value, but they’re more concerned with price. And your home’s price is one of its … Continue Reading

Spring Cleaning Guide
Thursday, March 7th, 2019

By: Alyson McNutt English Make spring cleaning less of a chore by following these smarter–and mostly greener–tips for this annual rite of homeownership. Spring cleaning is a time-honored tradition. After a long winter, you throw open the windows, let in fresh air, and scrub down the house. But modern spring cleaning presents challenges your grandmother never imagined. Today’s … Continue Reading

Keeping Your House Clean with Dogs While It’s on the Market
Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

  By: Leanne Potts Oof. Houses that smell or look like pets have lived in them are just harder to sell. Here’s how to de-dog your house before putting it on the market — and how to keep it that way while you sell. #1 Steam Clean Everything Fabric “Job number one is to take care of … Continue Reading

Tax Deductions for Homeowners: How the New Tax Law Affects Mortgage Interest
Tuesday, January 8th, 2019

  By: Leanne Potts Tax changes for 2019 change the landscape for homeowners. Tax season is upon us once again, and to make it even more interesting this year, the tax code has changed — along with the rules about tax deductions for homeowners. The biggest change? Many homeowners who used to write off their property taxes and the … Continue Reading

Resolution: Put Your House on a Diet
Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019

By: HouseLogic Follow these six tips to get your home trim and clutter-free in the new year. Every January, millions of people pledge to lose weight by hitting the gym or going on a diet. But like our bodies, our homes also accumulate excess baggage. So this New Year, why not put your house on … Continue Reading

7 Important Repairs to Make Before Selling A House
Monday, December 10th, 2018

By: Jamie Wiebe As a smart seller, you’ll want your home in tip-top shape — but you don’t want to eat into your profits by overspending on home improvements. You won’t be around to enjoy them anyway. The key is to focus on the most important repairs to make before selling a house to ensure every dollar you … Continue Reading

6 Simple Steps to Prep Your Home for Holiday Guests
Monday, November 26th, 2018

By: Lisa Kaplan Gordon Hosting has its shares of anxieties, especially if you’re striving to make your home welcoming. How do you know everyone will feel comfortable? And will you ever get a chance to relax yourself? You will if you focus on what’s really necessary. Here’s a list of steps to get your home ready … Continue Reading

A Fall Checklist of 10 Things You Gotta Do Before Winter Sets In
Friday, October 12th, 2018

By: John Riha Such as look for roof leaks before the first winter snow. Preventative maintenance is key. When the last of summer’s heat is a faint memory, and you’re pulling out your hoodies more than your shorts, it’s time to tackle a few simple chores that’ll make winter more pleasant and prevent some nasty surprises … Continue Reading

Make an Offer Like a Boss
Thursday, September 27th, 2018

By: HouseLogic Ah, the offer! Cinematically speaking, this is the iconic moment — we’d forgive you if you imagined, say, putting a hand on your agent’s shoulder and whispering (in your best Vito Corleone) that you’re going to make them an offer they can’t refuse. In reality, it’s not that simple (or dramatic). Your offer marks … Continue Reading

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“I Need 20% Down” and Other Home-Buying Myths About Mortgages
Thursday, August 9th, 2018

By: Kelley Walters Tips for shopping around for a mortgage — even if you think you don’t qualify. Think you’re not ready to unlock home ownership yet? That the financial hurdles are too high? You may be short-changing yourself. Many of the things renters believe about home-buying are myths. Here’s the real deal. Myth: I Have to Put … Continue Reading

negotiating home price
6 Ways to Lose at Negotiating a House Price
Tuesday, July 24th, 2018

By: Leanne Potts Real estate negotiation tips so you can buy your dream home — and not overpay. You’ve looked at enough houses to fill an entire season of House Hunters and finally picked one to buy. Now you’re ready to make an offer. Your agent can help guide you through this nail-biting phase of negotiating a house price, but ultimately, … Continue Reading

Patio Shade Ideas Under $300
Friday, July 6th, 2018

By: Jan Soults Walker Not all shady deals are bad. These patio shade projects are each under $300. If you hop-skip like a rookie firewalker across your sun-drenched patio, then patio shade projects are probably a hot priority. But there’s no reason to get burned on price; you’ll find plenty of low-cost shade-giving options to cool your tootsies. … Continue Reading

Summer at the Coast
Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Summer is finally here and with it comes so many fun events and activities! We talked with our broker staff and came up with a list of some of their favorite things to do this season. From the river to the coast, Wilmington to Carolina Beach, young to old – there’s something for everyone! Check … Continue Reading

What Not to Do as a New Homeowner
Friday, May 18th, 2018

By: John Riha Avoid these easy-to-prevent mistakes that could cost you big time. You’ve finally settled into your new home. You’re hanging pictures and pinning ideas for your favorite bath. But in all your excitement, are you missing something? Now that you’re a bonafide homeowner are there things you should know that you don’t? Probably … Continue Reading

What Every Seller Needs to Know About Closing
Monday, April 23rd, 2018

By: HouseLogic Walk-throughs, closing costs, and other items to check off your list before the big finish! Closing time. The end of the road. The last hurrah — and hurrahs are in order. If you’re here, then you’ve found a buyer, negotiated home repairs, and are ready to move out — and on. But before you … Continue Reading

Here’s How You’ll Know You’ve Found the Right Agent
Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

By: HouseLogic For every journey, there is a guide. To explore the West, Lewis and Clark had Sacagawea. To navigate his magical powers, Harry Potter had Dumbledore. And to discover our best lives, America has Oprah. Then there’s the all-too-real journey of buying a home. For that, you have an Oprah of your own: your real … Continue Reading

7 Tips for a Profitable Home Closing
Friday, February 16th, 2018

By: G. M. Filisko When you’re ready to close on the sale of your home and move to your new home, you may be so close to the finish line that you coast, thinking there’s nothing left for you to do. Not so fast. It’s easy to waste a few dollars here and for mistakes to … Continue Reading

8 Tips for Finding Your New Home
Monday, January 8th, 2018

By: G. M. Filisko A solid game plan can help you narrow your homebuying search to find the best home for you. House hunting is just like any other shopping expedition. If you identify exactly what you want and do some research, you’ll zoom in on the home you want at the best price. These eight … Continue Reading

9 Tips for Easy Holiday Lighting (That Saves $$, Too!)
Monday, December 4th, 2017

By: Lisa Kaplan Gordon Christmas lights can be modest displays to show good cheer, or million-bulb light-apaloozas that draw gawkers from near and far. Here are some tips on how to get the most from — and spend the least on — your holiday display. #1 Safety First Emergency rooms are filled with homeowners who lose … Continue Reading

Thinking “Local” to “Global”
Friday, November 10th, 2017

By Tony Harrington, ABR, AHWD, ALHS, CIPS When I think back to my first experiences with the terms “global” and international,” I think back to a quote from the famous Yogi Berra, “You couldn’t know what you didn’t know, but now you know.” This is true for my first experiences with the terms “global” and … Continue Reading

6 Halloween Must-Do’s to Keep Little Trick-or-Treaters Safe
Thursday, October 19th, 2017

By: Oliver Marks Everyone loves a good scare on Halloween — as long as it’s just a trick. To help you avoid any real-life scares — such as falls, fires, and traffic accidents — around your property this All Hallows Eve, play it safe while you’re setting up your Halloween lights and decorations.  Here are seven simple precautions … Continue Reading

The Property Shop Adds 3 New Brokers to the Team
Thursday, October 5th, 2017

The Property Shop of the Carolinas is pleased to announce the addition of 3 new brokers; Tyler Berry, Jason Worthy and Jeff Ramsay. Each of these individuals bring a diverse level of experience and knowledge to the team. Jason Worthy is passionate about helping others achieve their goals and has invested much of his time … Continue Reading

Garage Organization Ideas Under $50
Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

By: Jan Soults Walker If clutter is leaving little room for cars, get organized with these smart, budget-friendly garage storage solutions. If you’ve got a garage, most likely you’ve got waaayyyy more than cars in there. It’s the catch-all place to keep stuff (mostly) out of sight and out of mind. Put order to the chaos and … Continue Reading

Understanding Real Estate Representation
Understanding Real Estate Representation
Thursday, July 6th, 2017

By: G. M. Filisko  on HouseLogic Whether you’re buying or selling, it’s important to choose representation that meets your needs in the transaction. You have choices when selecting representation in a real estate transaction. Here are five tips for understanding which type of legal relationship with a real estate professional, called an agency relationship, will best … Continue Reading

How to Keep Your House Cool Without AC
Friday, June 9th, 2017

By: Lisa Kaplan Gordon Want summer comfort but hate the AC? Follow these tips on how to keep your house cool without frosty air conditioning. You don’t have to switch on the air conditioner to get a big chill this summer. These tips will help you keep your house cool without AC, which will save energy (and avoid AC … Continue Reading

7 No-No’s When Applying for a Mortgage
Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

Applying for a home mortgage can be an exciting time! It can also be a stressful time if you run into snags with your loan approval. The process involves inspecting factors such as your credit, income, debt and assets. Because of this, there are several actions you should avoid during the time your loan is being … Continue Reading

Staying Informed on Flood Insurance
Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

“On September 30, just six months from today, the National Flood Insurance Program will expire.” – National Associate of REALTORS®. Stay informed on the latest updates for flood insurance! This is important information to learn and understand, especially for those who reside or own property in the coastal region. Ask one of our experienced REALTORS® … Continue Reading

The Property Shop Increases It’s Footprint…Yet Again
Thursday, April 6th, 2017

 The Property Shop increases its footprint of residential real estate services to the Raleigh-Durham market. “We are pleased to have aligned ourselves with Mark Steward and the Mark Steward Team with The Triangle Real Estate Group in our States Capital City.  Mr. Steward and team will not only be working with us in the Coastal … Continue Reading

5 Important Reasons to Use a REALTOR®
Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

Thinking of buying or selling a property? Thinking of doing it alone? Think again. While you can go solo on this venture, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t. Hiring a REALTOR® is the best decision you can make and here’s why. 1. Experience, experience, experience This is their job. Day in and day out, … Continue Reading

10 Tips to Stage Your Home to Sell
Thursday, February 16th, 2017

Staging your home can make all the difference when deciding to put your house on the market. It has the potential to fast-track your sale and/or increase the perceived value. You may think that staging is expensive, and it can be, so we pulled together 10 ideas you can do yourself for little to no … Continue Reading

2017 Cape Fear REALTORS® Inauguration
Friday, January 20th, 2017

Following a strong year for The Property Shop, we were excited to welcome a new year at the 2017 Cape Fear REALTORS® Inauguration where several of our brokers received recognition. After diligently serving on the board herself, Patrice Willetts had the honor of installing the new president and the 2017 Board of Directors. Along with … Continue Reading

We’re Growing!
Friday, October 28th, 2016

We are pleased to announce the addition of 5 new brokers; Tom Craigg, CB Johnson, Danica Fletcher, Ilene Meyers and Lisa Tomak. Each of these individuals brings a diverse level of experience and knowledge to the team. This growth allows The Property Shop to continue to provide the same, high-level, quality service that our clients … Continue Reading

Tony Harrington for WRAR Board of Directors
Tony Harrington Running for WRAR Board of Directors
Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

My name is Tony Harrington and I would be honored to serve you as a Director with the Wilmington Regional Association of REALTORS®. While serving, I look forward to offering my diverse perspective to enhance the real estate industry with WRAR. Some of my experiences include: 20 Years as REALTOR® including both Raleigh- Durham and … Continue Reading

2 Reasons to Say GOODBYE to Zillow
Friday, June 10th, 2016

2 Reasons to Say GOODBYE to Zillow Why to Use Your Local REALTOR® It’s about time, time to say goodbye to Zillow!  As REALTORS® we often cringe when we hear that our clients and customers are referencing Zillow when making their real estate decisions.  Why do we cringe?  We’re cringing because Zillow is not looking for … Continue Reading

11 Spring Activities in Wilmington
Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

As given by The Property Shop As spring grows ever nearer, we’re called from our winter hibernation to experience the warm sun on our faces and re-discover our world as is morphs into green splendor! Without question, each Property Shop Broker will tell you that their favorite spring time activity is selling and buying homes … Continue Reading

Chandelier The Property Shop Real Estate
8 Reasons to use a Boutique Real Estate Firm
Friday, February 12th, 2016

What is a Boutique Real Estate Firm? Many may consider a “boutique” firm to cater to high end only, or possibly too small to break into the competitive real estate market.  In reality, these firms are extremely specialized businesses with a culture centered on customer service and professionalism.  As a client of a Boutique Real … Continue Reading

Tony Harrington for WRAR Board of Directors
Friday, January 29th, 2016

This informative video from the North Carolina Association of REALTORS® helps to explain, ” Why Use a REALTOR ®” for your Real Estate Transactions.  Without the knowledge of your  REALTOR® you risk a poor investment.  Your  REALTOR® can provide you information about the area that you are interested, the best options for upgrades and compare other … Continue Reading

The Property Shop Awards Wilmington Real Estate WRAR
Property Shop Awards
Friday, January 22nd, 2016

One week ago The Property Shop was honored with awards and recognition at the Wilmington Regional Association of REALTORS® Inauguration. Our very own Patrice Willetts was inducted into the Wilmington Regional Association of REALTORS® Hall of Fame for her current and past outstanding service to the organization.  Patrice is an inspiration for each of the … Continue Reading

The Internet and Real Estate
Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

In 1964, 40 percent of home buyers read newspaper ads to find a home and seven percent drove around looking for an open house. In 2014, 43 percent looked for properties online first. The world we live in today is a digital one and searching for a home is no different. Buyers now have apps … Continue Reading

The Property Shop is Hiring Wilmington North Carolina Real Estate
The Property Shop is Hiring!
Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

Interested in a fun & rewarding career in Real Estate with a team that is here to support you?  We’re Hiring! The Property Shop of the Carolina’s LLC is looking for a few REALTORS to join our team! Come work for a boutique style firm that offers a highly competitive commission structure. The Property Shop … Continue Reading

Selling in Hurricane Wilmington NC Property Shop Real Estate
Selling My House & Hurricanes
Thursday, October 1st, 2015

Weathering a Hurricane When Your House is for Sale:  Top 5 Things to Know Selling in Hurricane Selling a home can be stressful, selling in hurricane weather can push someone over the edge! As the impending Hurricane Joaquin begins to bare down on the east coast, we at The Property Shop are preparing for high … Continue Reading

One Size Fits all Real Estate Wilmington NC
“It’s All About that Base”
Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

  I love music, all kinds of music. Megan Trainor’s Grammy Award winning song for Record of The Year is one of those songs that just catch your attention, makes you smile. “It’s all about that bass, ‘bout that bass, no treble….” And if you watch her, and really listen to the lyrics, it can … Continue Reading

Home Buyer Wilmington Real Estate Property Shop
Navigating a Real Estate Transaction as a Buyer
Monday, September 21st, 2015

Let’s talk about the residential transaction from the Buyer point of view.   First, if you are looking to purchase a home, please hire a REALTOR®. There are so many aspects and moving parts to a transaction. The hard work begins AFTER you find your dream home and are under contract. You will have to … Continue Reading

Changes in Real Estate Wilmington NC
A Big Change in Real Estate
Monday, September 21st, 2015

You Can Always Count on Change There are so many examples of how things have changed. If you were born in the 50’s you have seen so many changes. If you are part of the Greatest Generation…WOW have you seen changes. Things that the Millennials take for granted, Baby Boomers struggle to grasp. How many … Continue Reading

Real Estate Needs Property Shop Wilmington
Changing Real Estate Needs
Monday, September 21st, 2015

Primary Residence, Investment Property.   Own, Rent, Buy, Sell     How important is real estate to your financial picture? If you are like most people, your home is your biggest investment. An age old dream for so many is to have the opportunity to own their home. Put down roots, raise a family, make … Continue Reading

Wilmington Spring Time Property Shop Real Estate
Patrice Willetts on Wilmington Spring Time
Monday, September 21st, 2015

  All That is Good!   Spring is almost here. Let me repeat that…SPRING is almost here!! It has been a cold winter here in Southeastern North Carolina. For those that live in the Northeast, I just cannot begin to imagine living through so many cold and snowy months. The last I heard, one area … Continue Reading

Patrice Willetts Hall of Fame Property Shop
NCAR Hall of Fame for Patrice Willetts
Monday, February 16th, 2015

North Carolina Association of REALTORS members honored with Hall of Fame status.  February 13, 2015 NAR will recognize two outstanding REALTOR® leaders at the May Legislative Meetings and Trade Expo in Washington, D.C.  Past President Patrice Willetts and NCAR Director Leigh Brown will represent NCAR in the Class of 2014 NAR RPAC Hall of Fame. Patrice … Continue Reading

4 Signals it Might Be Time to Buy vs. Rent Your Home
Thursday, April 28th, 2011

To buy vs. rent What used to be a given – that you would buy a home as soon as you could afford to – has become an agonizing conundrum for many a would-be home buyer, in the face of the housing market’s big bust and super-slow recovery. Low prices seem to create a wide-open … Continue Reading

real estate 101 property shop wilmington real estate
Real Estate 101 – What You Should Know
Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

1. Don’t buy if you can’t stay put. If you can’t commit to remaining in one place for at least a few years, then owning is probably not for you, at least not yet. With the transaction costs of buying and selling a home, you may end up losing money if you sell any sooner … Continue Reading

Cost of Living Wilmington Real Estate
Wilmington Cost Of Living
Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

3rd Quarter 2010 Cost of Living Select Southern Cities: CITY Composite Grocery Housing Utilities Transportation Healthcare Misc. Goods & Services Wilmington, NC 98.5 103.2 89.3 114.1 96.9 100.1 100.4 Asheville, NC 99.4 101.7 95.4 113.9 95.7 104.6 98.3 Atlanta, GA 93.6 93.4 89.8 85.6 102.0 105.3 95.0 Charlotte, NC 94.1 100.1 81.2 94.8 94.6 110.6 … Continue Reading

Real Estate Market Propert Shop Wilmington NC
Local Residential Market Off to Promising Start in 2011
Monday, January 31st, 2011

2011 is going to be an exciting year for our local real estate market. During the fourth quarter of 2010, our residential market showed significant signs of improvement over year-end 2009. This is an extraordinary sign that the market is stabilizing which will offer many potential homeowners and REALTORS® reason to continue being optimistic heading … Continue Reading

Home Ownership Wilmington Real Estate
American Attitudes About Home Ownership
Saturday, January 29th, 2011

According to a NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® survey of 3,793 adults conducted by Harris Interactive and released in January 2011, home owners and renters agree that home ownership benefits individuals and families, strengthens our communities, and is integral to our nation’s economy. Here you’ll find highlights from the research report plus easy ways to share … Continue Reading

Right Sales Price home sold wilmington NC Real Estate Property Shop
4 Tips for Setting the Right Sales Price
Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

One of the most common issues that Sellers will face with their REALTOR® is the right sales price for the home that they have taken such pride in over the years. Sellers think their homes are worth more than their real estate professional recommends, and buyers think these same homes are worth less. It’s a … Continue Reading

home improvement property shop wilmington nc
Need help with Home Improvement? Don’t get left in a fix.
Thursday, June 24th, 2010

You may be a do-it-yourselfer with the small stuff, but more complex home improvement usually calls for a pro.  In hiring a contractor, these 6 tips could help ensure you’re happy with the results: Get referrals from people you know.  Most homeowners find a contractor through friends or family.  Or check online consumer rating sites like … Continue Reading

Property Shop Blog wilmington real estate
Welcome to The Property Shop Blog!
Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Welcome to our new website featuring our up to the minute Property Shop blog! Keep an eye out for updates, videos and information on the ever changing real estate market here in the New Hanover, Pender and Brunswick County markets. We look forward to our future interaction and want to be your real estate professionals … Continue Reading